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2017: A Year in Review

A lot of people are rolling their eyes on long-winded New Year’s messages, and I think that’s messed up.

People are writing down their reviews of the year that has been as measured in accomplishments, achievements, failures, learnings, experiences, travels, and many more metrics, and I think that’s great because the only way to know how we did this year is to look back and write it all down in black and white.

What better way to move forward to welcome the new year that’s about to come by meditating on the learnings of the previous year in the effort of getting started on the next year’s goals and objectives, right? Personally, I think 2017 was such a year for learning new things and discovering new horizons for myself. It started out as a pretty routine year, but, let’s just say life happened and rained down on me a lot of curveballs and many unexpected twists and turns.

I stand here today on the 31st day of December, getting ready for the New Year’s Eve buffet at the resort hotel where I am staying in Siargao, and I am the most content that I have felt in a very long time. I think it’s safe to say that every year turns out to defy expectations, but this year was definitely a bit more of a shock to me. A lot of things have happened, and I don’t know how I pulled through it all, but here I am, alive and well. So in this long-winded post, I will review the 5 highlights of this year, just to celebrate the fact that despite it all, I pulled through with realizations and learnings that will surely propel me to a somewhat better year.


I owe a lot of thanks and appreciation to the fact that I forced myself to actually go into Yoga. It was the best thing I did for myself. Before this year, I have never really found any exercise or fitness-related activity that I enjoyed but the moment I went into my first yoga class this year, I became instantly hooked. I am thankful that I found a calming and relaxing diversion to spare me from the hustle and bustle of school and work. I just know that everything feels right and natural when I am in such a meditative mood. Through yoga, I built more confidence knowing that there is untapped strength in me waiting to be unleashed. With perseverance and patience, I have learned that I could surmount any challenge that Yoga throws at me. I can’t say that I have become an expert at it, but I am now able to do certain poses that looked utterly impossible before. There is no new-agey explanation as to how yoga changed my life this year, but what I can tell you guys is that it is definitely something that everyone should give a try at least once in their life.


I had a pretty stable gig working for an e-learning firm as an instructional designer and e-learning executive producer and it gave me a firmly routine life. It was not routine by any conventional standard, mind you, because I was working from home most of the time. I was pretty devastated when we were let go, and I had to find another job. I did land a job as a sales and marketing manager, but gave it up after 6 months. December rolled in and I was unemployed. Currently, I am still waiting for a good offer from several places where I have applied, but for now, I can say that the latest update is that I am in between jobs. Which is good. I think. It gives me time to kind of pause and reassess where I need to go next, because come to think of it, I have never actually gotten a real break from working since I started joining the workforce at age 18. I am not worried for now, though. My mom is a little nervous and worried, but I’m pretty sure that the new year will bring about change in this area.


Man, did I go places this year? I strive to always outdo myself every year in terms of experiencing new things and traveling to new places, and I think this year took the cake. It was such a good year because I was able to take advantage of seat sales and heavily discounted airline and travel tickets. I was able to see new places that I haven’t gone to before (Taipei, Siargao), and I also had the chance to go back to some old favorites (Pulag, La Union, Cebu). In the beginning of the year, my best friend Sasja and I planned a year of travel and I think it pays to actually set a goal to go somewhere every now and then. This year, we also took advantage of long weekends and holidays, which I think was very smart. It was constant packing, unpacking, plane rides, boat rides, bus trip, and car excursions and my bloated Google Drive capacity has all the photos to show for it.

Academic Success

I am glad to report that I passed my comprehensive exams earlier this year, so I am one step closer to getting my Masters Degree in International Studies at the University of the Philippines. I was supposed to write my thesis proposal towards the latter part of the year, but I decided to hold it off until I got more research in for my literature review. I will be starting with my thesis proposal this coming January, with the hopes of finishing it before the 2018 ends. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s up on my #RoadtoSablay.


Ah, the controversial topic. So this is not something that I publicly discuss because of so many reasons, but let’s just say that 2017 was the year where I got my heart broken. I drifted about for quite some time until a semblance of excitement flooded into my life all of a sudden. It’s still in its early stages, but I can’t say either that it’s something temporary. Whatever we have is fun, and cute, and it gives me so much joy every day. I can only wish for 2018 to smile down on this. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

There is a buffet of lechon, grilled chicken and fish, ceviche, and stir-fried summer vegetables waiting for me. I think this is the chillest I’ve ever been on New Year’s Eve. It’s a pretty bold choice for me since most of my life, this momentous day has always been a sacrosanct family tradition of cooking, eating, and reunions ad infinitum. This year, I spiced things up a bit with a little bender in paradise. Just the best people, scooter rides along palm lined municipal highways, the surf, the sand, and the mighty roar of the Pacific Ocean as it tumbles into white peaks on the reefs.

I’m loving it so far. Change feels pretty good. 

Thanks for following my adventures this year! I wish for a blessed and prosperous year to you, my dear reader. I hope you have enjoyed reading all the drivel I have posted on this blog. Let’s wish for a peaceful and awesome year ahead! 

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