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Benguet Stopovers

A trip to Mt. Pulag isn’t complete without quick stops along the way from Baguio to Kabayan, Benguet. 

Nestled in the hills and mountains of the Mountain Province, Benguet has some really majestic landforms, and the terrain is just spellbinding. The curved roads and the sloping highways leading to the foothills of the Philippines’ third tallest mountain always afford the best of views. It is one of the reasons why I keep on coming back: verdant summits as far as the eye can see and the gorges plunging back to earth as if God cleaved land and made channels where rivers can snake their way through the mountain ranges, on their way to sustain the lives of the people who depend on them.

Our ragtag trio of city kids. Ladies and gents, the Pussy On Adventures Threesome

When Kelsey, Sasja and I went up to Pulag last February, our tour package with Edelweiss Mt. Pulag Tours included stopovers at Ambuclao Dam and Jang Jang Bridge. It takes about three hours to make the bumpy trip from Baguio to Kabayan, and to ease into the sudden ascent, the stops at the dam and the bridge are a welcome respite for sore butts.

I like how Ambuclao Dam’s reservoir looks like one of those fjords in Scandinavia. It always gives me that feeling of not being in the Philippines anymore. All you need are snowcapped mountains and blonde people in the photo, et voila! Instant Oslo adventure.

Sasja, looking fierce as per usual. Never mind that we didn’t get much sleep because the lovely gentlemen at the bunk next to ours in the hostel in Baguio was snoring like a damn foghorn. All. Freaking. Night.

Kelsey fitting right in with her rad jacket. I love it. I love it when I’m in the company of beautiful people.

The Jang Jang Bridge, on the other hand, is a cable bridge that links people from the main highway to the more remote villages up in the mountains. It has a load limit of 10 people and it sways in the wind like a drunk person. It terrifies me. From the bridge, the plunge is so high up that the dump trucks at the quarry way below look like miniatures.

I have a gripping fear of heights. This swaying bridge? The deep plunge into the ravine below? People horse playing and jostling each other to get on? NOPE.

Do you know of other awesome stopovers on the way to Pulag? Have you been to these places I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about them. 

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