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Gasp! Noni Reviews Sunscreen! – Bioré Aqua Rich

If you’d had told me 5 years ago that I will be reviewing a skincare product anywhere, I would have probably been like “get the f*ck outta here.”

Disclaimer: UM WTF my friend Justin over at Justin Kiness Skincare just told me that this is not even supposed to be for the face. So. Yeah. *Shrug emoji. I guess just read this still, anyway? 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I will even be coming 10 feet within anything that has to do with skincare, but here I am right now writing about sunscreen. I know, right? Me and sunscreen. 20-year old me would have probably guffawed with thigh-slapping laughter, but here it really is — my first review of a skincare product.

I have been out in the sun quite lot lately. My work as a walking tour guide takes me out in the sun for hours on end each day, and I can already feel the damage that the sun is wreaking on my face. I couldn’t care less about looking like a ragged piece of leather, but I was not too hyped about the fact that I sometimes look 45 in my tender and strapping young age of 27. On warm days, I could really see the pores on my face, like deep craters just gaping and inviting the bacteria and the dirt to go in and nest within its crevasses. Gross, right? But one thing I was particularly concerned about was getting skin cancer or other UV-related skin conditions. Skin cancer is the worst! And my face is pretty much my money maker so what better way to start taking care of myself than focus on one thing that people really see, eh?

So facial sunscreen was a big step forward. Beach trips would necessitate sunblock, of course, but I think we often underestimate the kind of damage daily sunlight exposure does to our skin. Personally, I just do the perfunctory sunblock ritual when going to the beach or when surfing because nobody possibly likes the sting of a sunburn, right? It just isn’t worth the burning, miserable feeling so sunblock while sunning is perfectly reasonable. However, more and more lately, I’d feel the same kind of stinging warmth and I knew my skin needed help. My daily breakouts and my painful, puffy skin were a cry for help.

The search

Looking for facial sunscreen, I was mainly looking for four things: 1. That it wouldn’t run into my eyes and sting my eyeballs even with my excessive sweating (I get hot pretty easily and sweat a lot!); 2. That it would be lightweight and will not make me feel like I have twenty tons of makeup on; 3. That it would be easy to apply, and it should never be shiny, sticky nor greasy, and; 4. That it would be unscented.

I posted a crowdsourcing inquiry on Facebook (thanks, skincare obsessed friends!) and I was pointed towards the direction of Bioré, a Japanese brand, which is reputed to cover all of the things on my list. I went out to Watsons to get one, and there were so many options, but one that came up a lot in my poll was Aqua Rich Watery Gel, known for its sheer lightness and coverage. To be honest, I don’t even know what SPF requirements I should be having, but seeing that almost everything was at SPF 50,  I took the Aqua Rich and decided to give it a spin.


One thing you’d immediately notice about Bioré Aqua Rich is its lightness. It’s not sticky or greasy at all, and what I like about it is that it instantly dries into this powdery, matt finish on your skin. I was quite surprised at the lightness of the formulation, which is very different from the lotion-y feel of normal sunblock that I would slap on haplessly. This particular variant is called a Watery Gel, and it really is quite watery that it feels like nothing.

The product is also very easy to apply, as I found that it blends into my skin spotlessly. I really like how you don’t even have to put extra effort in making sure you don’t have shiny or lotion-y residue spots on your face. It just melds into your skin and you’re good to go in seconds flat. It’s not rocket science at all. Excellent texture, very light layer. You wouldn’t even notice that I had something on.

This is where I pretend I know what I’m talking about

I have been using this product for several days now and I can honestly say that I love it. I have even been to the beach with it and it just completes the checklist of things I want from a facial sunscreen. Light and non-greasy? Check. Easy to apply? Yep, just smooth it on until you no longer see the product on your skin. Lightweight and won’t run? Yes, check. And lastly, Unscented? Hmmm. Not really. But hear me out. It smells faintly of lemongrass or citrus that I joked it would make my skin smell like lechon manok on really humid, sweaty days, but honestly it doesn’t really smell that much. It smells fresh and invigorating, even.

One thing I noticed though, is that it probably gives my skin another layer of protection from dust. Seriously. Because when I clean my face with my regular witch hazel toner, the gunk on the cotton pad is UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. Pwede magtanim ng kamote. Putik, guys. Better the sunblock layer than my skin in this instance.

Try it for yourself! 

So there you go. Coming from someone who doesn’t even really know what to look for, I’m not even sure if sunscreens really do their job. Maybe sunblock is a giant scam, maybe it’s not. I mean, how would I know that I’m no longer susceptible to skin cancer unlike before, right? But it’s good to know that there is at least something I can do to make my skin feel light, fresh and protected all day long.

What are your skincare must haves? What is your daily skin care ritual? How’s that working out for you? ‘Ganda ka na nyan? 

*This is unpaid article. Seriously. When the hell do I get paid for blogging?

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