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Blocleaf x Baker on East

Sound the sirens, the baddest collab to hit this side of town has dropped!

I totally love the idea of adventurous flavours in pedestrian, every day things like pastry or cakes. It is so easy to grow tired of the usual cliched flavour profiles, that’s why I am thrilled with the concepts that Baker on East has put out. Chino Cruz, the creative genius behind these flavours are trying to introduce things that are not usually associated with sweet and dessert flavours, like cardamom, lime, and miso.

I am all for this. Generally, we Filipinos are guilty of sticking to tried and tested formulas that innovators are sometimes scared of pushing the boundaries of taste and aesthetics. In terms of food, our dining and culinary scene has more or less stagnated because of the insistence of the majority on mainstream and tired food flavours. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we are definitely missing out on a lot of other flavours that are just as delicious. Just like giving courtesy bites to petulant and militant children, we all need a dose of courtesy bites for wonderfully weird products.

I was thrilled to hear that my favourite Malate coffee haunt, Blocleaf has teamed up with Baker on East to give the Manila crowd a taste of their innovative and cool donuts. The current model for Baker on East is orders-only basis, and they have yet to put up their brick-and-mortar premises.

Baker on East’s flavours are pure poetry. They are a study on complementary flavours, contrasts, and hints of subversion. Take for example Earl Grey & Chocolate, or Duhat and Calamansi, or even Chai Sugar.

These flavours highlight excellent flavour profiles that you would not even expect in other pastries. However, when talking about edgy flavours like Gala Apple & Miso Caramel, or Raspberry & Rosewater, that’s when things start to become interesting.

Ugh! how cute is their packaging?

The subtle flavours of Earl Grey in some creme anglaise type filling, mixed with robust and creamy chocolate ganache.

I also love Baker on East’s branding! I am a sucker for these cartoon character-type mascots and their iconic patterns and prints, that Vince, Reymart and the other guys and gals at Blocleaf turned into decorations.

These donuts are available at Blocleaf for a limited time only.

Catch ’em before they’re gone!


Blocleaf Cafe
1850 M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila 

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