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Bom Dia, Shaka!

It was cold, gray, and miserable in Siargao during New Year’s Day, and we were stuck in our hotel room because of the strong winds and rain. 

I really had to get out of the room because I was getting intense cabin fever, so I hopped on my rented motorcycle and drove over to Cloud 9. I have passed by Shaka several times during my previous trips to Cloud 9, but this time, it was the only thing that was open. Plus, I was getting pelted by raindrops the size of golf balls and it was getting really difficult to go on any further without glasses or a riding visor. I parked the scooter at some roadside shelter and went into Shaka, to the smell of granola and nuts roasting in the oven.

I quite like Shaka’s simplicity. It’s  a one room operation, with just the coffee bar and the small kitchen where they make everything in sight.

The owners must have quite a passion for photography because every square inch of the back wall is decorated with glorious photos of idyllic scenes from around the island. It embraces the island feel, as it shows scenes from the surf break, the highways, and the greenery around the island. You can take home these photos, apparently. For P500, you can buy a USB with high-res quality files of these snapshots.

There is a covetable window seating that affords one of a view of Cloud 9’s boardwalk and the reef break’s majestic waves.

Shaka serves  healthy snacking and meal alternatives, like fruit smoothie bowls, yoghurt, pressed juices and coffee. They try to get fresh ingredients for their bowls every time. I ordered the Bom Dia bowl, which has acai berries, mango, coconut and their house granola.

For a reasonable price of P300 all-in,  you can upgrade your bowl into a bowl+coffee combo. I ordered an extra shot of espresso, for that quick boost of caffeine to warm me up for the rest of the gloomy day.

Shaka is one of those charming places that you keep coming back to. The service is impeccable and polite, and they were very accommodating.

Shaka is a must-try in Siargao. Fuel up with their healthy smoothie bowls after a rough tumble in the waves.

Hi! I’m still waiting for your recommendations in Siargao Island. Thank you! 

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