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In 2018, I launched into yet another self-imposed project where I would pick up a book and attempt to finish it within a week. Ideally, by the end of an entire year, I would have read 52 books. It sounds like a daunting task but I was actually able to do it in 2016, exceeding the target by 6 titles, adding up to 58 books. (Applause!) I simply didn’t have the time in 2017 because of commitments, and in 2018, I tried to do the project again in attempt to balance out the literature that I read. You see, I thought 2018 was going to be my thesis year, so I wanted to read books leisurely as a palate cleanser from all the stuffy academic journals that I thought I was going to read.

However, life happened in 2018 and A Book A Week was a complete and utter failure. I abandoned any hope of finishing my thesis and I actually shifted to a non-thesis program. On top of that, 2018 was the year when I undertook the Foreign Service Examinations, so I had to devote all the extra time I had in preparing for this grueling exam. That, and of course, my two day jobs. Yes, two. Because if I’m not at capacity with stress and if I’m not stretched out far too thinly, am I even me?

2019 looks like a more relaxed, less stressful year and I so I am putting myself up to the challenge again. Here are the ones that I have read so far:

Week 1 – All The Light We Cannot See // Anthony Doerr
Week 2 – The Interpreter of Maladies // Jhumpa Lahiri
Week 3 – The Assault on Reason // Al Gore
Week 4 – The Book of General Ignorance // John Lloyd & John Mitchinson
Week 5 – An Anthology of Winning Works (Short Story – the 1980s) // Don Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature
Week 6 – Darwin’s Ghosts: The Secret History of Evolution // Rebecca Scott