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Buzzcut Season

Nothing much to see here, just a few photos of my new buzzcut. 

I finally got tired of fixing up my hair whenever I needed to go out, and my only recourse was to buzz it down to the bare essentials. I have kept my hair in a pompadour for nearly three years now, and that means a lot of bi-monthly trims, tubs of pomade and tons of Springmaid plastic combs because I would lose them like crazy. My hair would also get in the way of my yoga practice, and I thought it would be more practical if I lopped them off for the summer since it’s really hot nowadays anyway.

I went back to my friends at Heavyhands Barbershop in Mendiola, and Mak gave me a super neat buzzcut fade. I wore my hair in a buzzcut for most of my college years, since I wanted a wash and wear hairstyle that didn’t need much fussing about. It felt sort of nostalgic seeing that little hair on my head again, and it almost brought me back to all those college years when I didn’t have to worry about pomades or side parts.

Mak knows that I like a really clean look so he gave me this really smooth fade, with a nice and steady gradient to suit my face shape and to keep my head from looking lumpy.

He maintained a perfect rounded shape in the back while slowly tapering off in the sides. I don’t like it when the fade is too abrupt because I think it somehow looks like an undercut, so I’m glad Mak is the master of fades. He did such a great job, don’t you think?

I’m now summer ready! Woot!

What do you think of my new trim? Do you wanna know more about Heavyhands and Manila’s street barbering culture? Let me know in the comments, you guys.

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