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Djournal’s Djakarta Roast

I can only imagine how big my eyes were the first time I walked into Djournal’s store inside the Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta.

Jakarta for me is all about the traffic food and the coffee. Indonesians have such immense pride about their local coffees and it shows in the offerings of its biggest coffee shop chains. My favorite coffee shop in Jakarta has always been Djournal. Now, picking a top choice is like favoring one of your children over the rest because Indonesia is generally replete with amazing coffee shops. Djournal, though, was a cut above the rest. I love the interiors, and I love the coffee bar in the back where you can wait for your hand-poured beverage as the barista meticulously makes it in front of you.

The first of a series of trips to Jakarta was paid for by a client who needed me to present some e-learning work we did back in 2015, and I have been back and forth since. Simply said, Jakarta made it to my still-growing favorite cities list from the get go, and I have never stopped obsessing about the thought of coming back.

Since I haven’t had the chance to be back and I have been missing Jakarta, my heart did a series of somersaults when my friend Pierre came from the Big Durian with baggies of my favorite Djournal Coffee. I pretty much made Pierre’s travel itinerary for his Jakarta and Bandung roadtrip, and he got me these coffees because he had a wicked good time in the Javanese countryside.

Djournal’s Djakarta Roast is an arabica espresso blend, which I would guess is what they brew as espresso in the store to make their signature coffee drinks. It has a pretty good acidity, which is quite uncharacteristic of the usually bold and robust Indonesian bean. It also has quite the body, but not too much to intimidate and overwhelm the palate.

I love the chocolatey and nutty aroma that reminds me of a fresh bar of dark chocolate. The lingering note is of the earth, which reminds me a lot of that first day in Jakarta, walking along the leafy roads of Kemang with my friend Dina.

You can check out Djournal in their branch in Grand Indonesia, in Jakarta’s Thamrin district.

And probably bring me back some coffee, while you’re at it.

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