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Feeka Coffee Roasters, Kuala Lumpur

Come to think about it, the last few times that I have been to Kuala Lumpur were really short. I would usually stop at the city for a long layover, and this has been the way that I have come to know the Malaysian capital: as quick refuelling stop before I jet off to somewhere in search of new adventures.

Though there really isn’t much to KL apart from its few museums, mosques, and of course, the Petronas Towers, I like to come back to the city, even for brief stints at a time, to enjoy its food. KL is blessed with such a diversity in food which is a trademark of its history and past as a colonial melting pot. At some point, the British were here, and along with them came the South Indian rubber plantation hands that have brought along with them their rich culinary culture that is mostly vegetarian and steeped in millenia of Ayurvedic tradition. You also have a vast population of the Malaysian Strait Chinese, who also infuse the food with their own signature flavours and techniques. Add that to the canvas of quintessentially Southeast Asian and Malay food, and you have for yourself a veritable feast of different textures, flavour profiles, and cuisines.


Apart from awesome, awesome, food, KL is not without its charming little coffee spots.

Take for instance Feeka Roasters, which is a blink-and-you’ll-miss it little spot near KL’s busy downtown and financial district. Its facade is leafy and looks like the houses that line this neighbourhood, which has become more and more commercial. The first time I visited Feeka was in 2015, when I was on yet another layover from a trip to Bali. The surrounding shops already showed a neighbourhood that was on the upswing, but coming back in mid-April, the place was already replete with small boutiques, shops, bakeries, and upscale restaurants. Feeka, though, has remained exactly the same.

I remember this long counter, which serves some really excellent locally roasted coffee.

I remember this bank of seats to the left side of the shop being a respite for KL’s oppressive humidity and heat. Here, the WiFi is strong, the sockets are plenty, and the air-conditioning is blasting its merciful gusts of cooled air. In the three times that I have been to Feeka, the place is predominantly populated by expats and tourists who are obviously hiding out here lest they melt under the sun and sizzle on the pavement.

The surrounding area is quite close to Bukit Bintang. The area is a bit of a breather from Bukit Bintang’s noise, because it can get rather busy in this iconic KL strip.

I came here after the long walk from the nearby Monorail station, and spent a few odd hours waiting out the most intense hours of the daytime sun. I had a glass of their strong cold brew, which was an ideal pick me up.  It was a perfect stop whilst I was digesting the heavy nasi lemak breakfast that I had at Nasi Lemak Wanjo at KL’s Kampung Baru district. 

What are your favourite spots in KL? Do you have any recommendations for great coffee in KL and surrounding cities? Sound off in the comments! Sharing is caring! 

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