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Hello, it’s been a while…

I have spent the last 16 days traipsing around Southeast Asia and I haven’t had the chance to update this blog for a while. Basically, this post is just to let you know that I am still alive and breathing. I spent over two weeks coffee-shop and city hopping in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, covering 9 cities and several thousand kilometers via air, train, bus, tuktuk and the motorbikes that are ubiquitous in these parts of the world.

I am brimming with tons of stories and photos to show for the trip, but I guess I’ll just have to sit down one of these days and put all of these memories into writing. Pics (and blog posts) or they didn’t happen, right? Well, I had an excellent time and if it meant that I get to share them with you in the hopes of inspiring something, like, I don’t know, the lust to travel and explore cities, then why not, right? Not everyone has that opportunity, so I hope to allow you to vicariously travel with me through the blog posts that I will churn out in the coming days.

Meanwhile, here is a body check.

I am definitely more rotund coming back from all that delectable food that I ingested. Think lots of pho, pad thai and banh mi sandwiches interspersed between heavy doses of coconut ice cream and mango sticky rice. I went on keto and IF before I left so that I could fit in my suit for a wedding that I attended in Bangkok (more on that later, I hope). I was probably middling ketosis when I broke the diet and ate a ton of noodles in Vietnam, getting sick in the process. That was a sucky start to what has been one of the most amazing journeys by far.

I’m gonna try and piece back these stories for you to enjoy. I guess you’ll have to hang in there tight for more.


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