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Hitting the Ground Running in Taipei

I’m at the start of my adventure here in Taiwan.

So I noticed that I have been really shit at keeping up with writing and with posting updates on this  blog so I am trying out this new thing where I post immediately as soon as I have the inspiration or as soon as I get the time. And time is something that I have plenty of here in Taiwan because I’m going to he here on an extended vacation, for a total of 8 days.

This ought to be exciting because everything will be spontaneous. This is probably the least prepared I have been going into a country, and I didn’t even set up even a skeleton of an itinerary. I just know that I was going to show up and spend the first few days with Sasja and Max and the rest of my adoptive family, the Mulders. Then my friends Sheen and Jaiko will be arriving on Sunday. I’m pretty much going to be winging it, which is the best part of traveling. I hope to just casually chance upon pretty cafes and good restaurants aside from the historical and cultural things to do in the city.

Gloomy weather don’t care


So I have all this time to myself and the best part is my hostel (my gorgeous hostel! — more about this later) is situated right in the middle of the downtown, which means that I will be within striking distance of anything that’s cool and fun to do in Taipei.

I shall tell you more about these fun and exciting things in subsequent posts, so please check back in in a few to follow my stories here in Taipei.

Laters, people!

Do you have recommendations as to where I should go and what stuff to check out? What are your best eats and must dos in Taipei? Please sound off in the comments. Xie xie! 

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