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Kermit Siargao

Every blog post there was on Siargao pointed us towards Kermit, a place supposedly known for its chill vibe and its good food.

We had to see for ourselves what the fuss was about on our second day on the island. Pressed for late lunch options because of the heavy rains, I rented a motorcycle (much to Sasja’s chagrin; she is scared of my driving) and drove us to Kermit, which was not very far from our hotel.

Typical of men not asking for directions, we got lost on our way to Kermit. The thing is, they don’t even have a sign on the main road and it is quite a walk from the highway. It is a little out of the way, since you have to go through a narrow road in a residential area. Sasja had to get off the motorcycle because she didn’t trust me to negotiate the potholed dirt road that was filled up with puddles because of the rain. We finally found it minutes later, after asking a few locals.

Apart from being a bar and restaurant, Kermit is also a lodging place because they have a hang out area that’s cordoned off exclusively for their stay-in guests, which is a shame because it looked perfectly cozy, and they also had a selection of books and musical instruments on the nearby shelf.

My first impression of the place was that yes, it is definitely very trendy, with the eco-friendly materials and nonchalant air of the people who frequent the place, but it has a bit of that standoffish and aloof aura. I would compare the place to that friend who you can’t bring anywhere because she’s awkward or not very friendly. The staff were too busy even if it was late lunch service, they didn’t seat us properly (the chairs were wet from the drizzle), and the al fresco dining was littered with dry leaves. The food arrived quite late and I was underwhelmed with the size of the servings (when considered alongside the price points).

I ordered the cotoletta milanese with spaghetti, and it looked kinda sad.

Any thinner and that piece of pounded chicken is going to be see-through.

Easy to say that I don’t mind not going back.

Any suggestions on where to eat in Siargao? Please sound off in the comments. 

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