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Latitude Bean + Bar, Manila


I didn’t even know this blog was still around. Well, actually, I did but it’s like one of those things that you ignore that but it’s always been that nagging feeling that calls you back and goes, “yo, you have to get off your butt and start blogging again.” I’m not beating myself up for it, though. The last time I had really been in a writing mood was when I was still reeling from the stress of having to work 8 hours a day AND THEN commuting to school in the evenings to attend my last semester in college. Now that I have so much more time, I figured I should really get back into writing. Otherwise, what am I paying the web domain people for, stupid? Keep a blog and don’t update it… Tsk.

Anyway,  so I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it’s literally been forever, so I thought I’d open up this new slew of blog posts again with a new coffee shop in town. This one is a little close to where I live now. So yeah,  a little update, I moved from Quezon City to Manila and now live in a condo near Roxas Boulevard (close to the National Museums, with a view of the bay etc. etc.) and so this new discovery is actually on one of Malate’s sleepy streets. You wouldn’t think there’s a fancy ass coffee place there because again, the street is a bit sleepy, but I’m glad that there’s a new establishment there now. Anywhere with specialty coffee is a place I’d go out of my way for.

Actually, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about writing about Latitude Bean + Bar, because as of writing, the owners are still verifying with the trademark registration office if they could actually use the trade name Latitude, as apparently, there is already a restaurant with the same name, and within the same area, too. The name might still change, so watch out for that.

I was actually walking around the neighbourhood looking for a BPI when I walked into this coffee shop. It was an unexpected surprise because I knew I’d be right in my element the moment I walked in. The La Marzocco on the coffee bar was a good sign. The ample seating and the natural light flooding into the space was another perk. Mostly, I was in love with just how snazzy the place was at first glance. If there was a singular word to describe it, it would be SEXY. Sexy isn’t usually what you would associate with a coffee shop, but the unconventional choice of interiors made it so that this coffee place wouldn’t even look out of place if you dropped it in the middle of hip and trendy Salcedo Village. Talk about sharp, edgy, and yes, SEXY.


The look of it is so put together, and I told one of the owners that I feel like the interiors could be for some loungey and classy bar. Well, I sort of hit the nail right on the head because they actually want the space to include booze! Eventually, they’ll expand the kitchen and set up a bar so that it becomes a watering hole at night. And why not, right? I could totally see people hanging out here with cocktails and bar food, the works.

I am in love with this bar table!

Latitude passed my Hipster Coffee Shop Acid Test because yep, they have stacks upon stacks of Monocle issues. I love Monocle. I wanna be the level of financially secure that my life looks like it’s straight out of Monocle.

That blue and gray wall is so refreshing! Don’t give us no more stark white walls or cliched wood panels. Yass, deep sexy corporate blue! Yass slate gray! Yass, sparse Scandinavian furniture! But most especially, YASSSSS ELECTRICAL SOCKETS!

Actually, upstairs is a coworking space owned by the same guys who invested in the coffee shop. You can also pop in upstairs, pay the day rate, and enjoy a day of peace and quiet whilst you pore over your to do list and get stuff done. Because that’s what adults do.

And of course, we need to talk about the coffee.

Their coffee is actually supplied by Chapter Roastery, my favourite coffee joint in Quezon City’s famed Maginhawa Street. I used to go to Chapter A LOT when I was still living in UP Diliman Campus, and now that I moved all the way to the opposite end of the world, I’m glad that I can still have at their great coffee. The baristas here know what they’re doing with the steaming wand, so I really have no complaints. The espresso is delicious. It pairs well with milk for a good flat white, and it has that chocolatey and honey finish that is really quite good and naturally sweet when you just want a quiet afternoon of Monocle browsing.


Latitude Bean+Bar
(Still on soft opening)]
1851 Pilar HIdalgo Lim St. cor Remedios
Malate Manila
Instagram: latitudebeanbar


I’d love to hear from you, too! How’s life been? 

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