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Mango Lassi

The days are getting hotter and one great thing to have during a really sweltering afternoon is a refreshing glass of mango lassi.

The dahi that I made a couple days back is the gift that keeps on giving because I seem to be putting it into everything that I have been making so far. Dahi is great as a marinade as it tenderizes chicken and pork really well. It also adds dimension to sauces and gravies such as in bhuna gosht, biryani, and dahi puri, since the curds and milk solids serve as a rich vehicle for spices and herbs, thus making the dish more flavourful.

Since my dahi has a great natural acidity, sourness and creaminess, one of the best ways to enjoy it is with a handful of chilled sweet mangoes. I coppped these mangoes from the guy who usually sells fruit from a cart in front of my residential building. I’m glad to know that he still has a means of living despite the quarantine, and God knows we building residents need all the Vit. C from the fruit that we can get. I also bought a few lemons from him, since I also seem to be using up my lemon stocks like crazy.

I really should have gotten a blender or a food processor before the quarantine hit since I am improvising with the utensils and contraptions I have in the kitchen to make dishes that would have taken all of seconds had I invested in a trusty blender.

Regardless, necessity is the mother of invention and there’s no other way to go about it than to be resourceful and use what I have. So for today’s lassi, instead of blitzing it in a blender, I used a mason glass to shake all of the ingredients together.


Sweet, chilled mangoes (cut into small pieces) 
1 cardamom pod 
1 cup of dahi 
1/4 cup chilled milk
1 tsp sugar 

I just tossed all of the ingredients into a mason jar, closed the lid tightly, and churned away until the mix was incorporated and the yoghurt was extra creamy. If you have a lot of dahi, you can adjust how much milk to put depending on your desired consistency.

I love the addition of cardamom because it brings a minty sort of freshness to the dish. That extra kick of spice lifts the sweetness of the mangoes and the tartness of the dahi.

A lot of people are only familiar with sweet and mango lassi, but there is also a version called chaas that is salty and spicy, with the addition of fennel, ginger, cardamom and salt. I like to have chaas after a particularly filling meal. The yoghurt acts as a probiotic, and the addition of spices makes chaas a really good digestive.



How are you doing so far? I just hope that everyone who reads this is safe, healthy and sane. Whatever you do that helps your mental health, keep at it! See you until the next edition of #QuarantineFood. 


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