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My Milkshake What?

Temperatures are soaring to the high 30s these days and one can only do so much to keep cool. 

I am starting to think I am really not made for this weather because I have been getting sicker and sicker. My asthma attacks have become more frequent and I have been getting really exhausted too easily these days. Blame it all on this miserable heat.

For days when I really cannot stand the heat anymore, it’s good that there is always The Lost Bread to offer some respite. The Lost Bread has been around for several years now, and recently, they opened a really lovely and photogenic restaurant in SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall in addition to their branches at The Yard Pasig and Maginhawa’s StrEAT food park.

Patty and Emil of the Lost Bread have come up with quirky and fun milkshakes and overshakes for their new Megamall branch. These two just keep on rocking it with new concepts and fun new ideas, and it’s so refreshing to see original recipes and flavor mashups in their line of smoothies and milkshakes. While classic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry never go out of style, The Lost Bread is out to prove that you can’t really go overboard with milkshakes: toss everything in short of adding the kitchen sink.

If you’re worried about piling on additional calories, you can settle for the lighter option: their yummy soft serve ice cream and your choice of candy toppings.

Make sure to give them a visit at the Mega Fashion Hall location and grab a box of these delectable french toast bites. I am in love with the cheese version and it’s perfect with the salted caramel sauce that you can slather on them generously from syringes. It’s a fun take on your traditional French toast. The grab-and-go boxes make snacking on these bites so easy, and it goes to show that French toast isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

You can find out more about The Lost Bread through their Facebook page.

Get Lost and Be Found at the Lost Bread!

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