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22 April 2021, MANILA

Dear reader,

Oh, you’re still here?

We are still in a pandemic.

I got a cancellation notice from my domain name provider, as if taunting me that I am paying for this blog that I haven’t even updated in a very long time. Who even blogs anymore?

Still, I find it hard to let go of this domain. After all, I have always liked the idea of having a blog where I will write and express my thoughts (wow, I realize that sounded very early 2000s). A lot of things have changed since I eagerly put up this blog a few years ago, and I found it harder and harder to find the time to write. What will I even write about now? Do I really want to add to the noise in the digital sphere?

Let’s see how long this writer block will last, but I do hope to put some more stuff here if not only for the fact that I am paying quite a bit to keep the site up.

It will come, like it always does. Just please wait a while and maybe come back soon.

Keep safe out there, with COVID and all. And please, stop spraying your groceries with disinfectant.



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