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Taiwanese Things I Put in My Body: Part 1

Screw the Taipei 101, right? I’m heading to the food markets!

I can’t even deny that the thing I was looking forward to the most on this Taiepi trip was the food.

Taipei is known for all things quirky, delicious and fun to eat. From mouthwatering street eats to stuff served in toilet bowls, they have it all. The city has a vibrant culinary culture, and it’s stuff that most Filipinos will find familiar and comforting. It has touches of its trademark Chinese culture, but it also has great new additions that stem from the Taiwanese’s affinity with foreign cuisines. Due to the city being a cosmopolitan and modern hub of commerce and industry, they also have stuff that they borrowed from other cultures – only here they do it with a bit of a sense of humor (like the aforementioned toilet bowl stuff and penis-shaped waffles on sticks).

It’s day 4 of my Taipei trip, and since I’m just chilling in the hostel because of the rain, let me give a rundown of the stuff that I have been shoveling into my mouth that I actually liked. Here goes Part 1 of Taiwanese Things I Put in My Body: A Series.

1 Din Tai Fung dumplings, noodles and dessert buns 

2. Fresh fruit. 

Taipei has so much good fruit that sliced fruit vendors and smoothie stalls are ubiquitous in the city. Their supermarket fruit and veggies section is produce porn.

3. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 

4. Grilled King Mushrooms
Also filed under: List of very phallic Taiwanese food

5. Egg tarts  


6. Stuff that come out of vending machines
They have vending machines everywhere that sell awesome stuff; not just soda and water but they also have tea drinks (warm and cold), coffee, and sparkling juices.

 7. Japanese food
You might say ‘why are you eating Japanese food, crazy?! Enjoy the Taiwanese cuisine, you’re in Taiwan’ but I say, literally do not tell me what to do.

8. Pineapple Cakes
They are a Taiwanese specialty since Taiwan grows a lot of pineapples. I love the plain pineapple cakes but they also have different varieties, like mochi pineapple cakes and salted egg pineapple cakes (of course they have salted egg).

Opa and Oma Mulder meanmugging outside of the Ximen pineapple cake store (where they have free samples, by the way. You can basically eat as much as you want).

9. Shrimp balls 

10. Coffee and Tea 
They do it well here.

BONUS: Exploding diarrhea Modern Toilet
This deserves its own post.

The grazing doesn’t stop here, of course. More to come!

Do you have other Taipei favorites aside from the items on this list? Give me your recommendations, please. Pretty please. 

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